The bedroom layout of Chateau d’Heucourt



There are a total of 12 bedrooms, of which; two on the ground floor, six on the first floor and four on the second floor.



There are 12 bedrooms at Chateau D'Heucourt, having a range of beds to suit all needs.  Choose from a single bed, French-size (double) bed or go full out with a romantic 4 poster bed. Guests can choose to bring their own bed linen, or alternatively we can arrange it for you for an additional charge. (see price list).

There are 2 bedrooms on the ground floor.

On the first floor there are 6 bedrooms, some with en-suite facilities.  There is a large shower in the corridor for those rooms without en-suite.

On the second floor there are 4 more rooms, with French-size (double) beds.

pdf file to view all bedrooms