Cultural excursions

Would you like to indulge yourself in luxury and feel like a Lord or Lady? 
Chateau d’Heucourt is the perfect holiday destination.
In the surrounding area are lots of possibilities for a fun day out.
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This little town, six kilometres from the castle, is a good place for daily shopping. There you will find a butcher, baker, supermarket and restaurant. You will also find a beautiful chapel from the fifteenth century which is worth a visit.


There are weekly markets in close proximity of the castle (mostly in weekends) between March and November. Nice to soak up the local atmosphere and who knows you might  find something you like. In the castle you will find a leaflet with dates and places of these markets.


The closest city lies 25 kilometres from the castle. Famous because of its beautiful Cathedral, floating gardens, museum of Picardie and the birth house of Jules Verne. Further information is available in the castle.


Le Treport
The coastal picturesque town of Le Treport is well worth a visit and only 30 km from the castle. Beautiful white cliffs, local fish market, and the lovely boulevard in Mers Les Bains are not to be missed! Not to mention the fantastic seafood restaurants serving the fresh catch of the day.  And once you are there, why not discover more of the beautiful small villages dotted up and down the coast.  (for example Bois de Cise).

Naours is famous for its caves, and is only half an hour drive from the castle. There is an underground city inside the caves, that used to be inhabited in the 3rd century. In more recent times, the caves have played a role in both world wars. During the first world war as a shelter for the French. In the second world war, the Germans used them for all kinds of dubious purposes. In certain periods there were as many as 3.000 people living in them.

The Somme
In this beautiful 70 km nature reserve, salt water from the sea and fresh water from the Somme meet. The villages of Le Crotoy Vallery sur Somme are very picturesque. In the nature reserve Parc Ornithologique du Marquenterre you will find 300 different species of birds.