Sportive excursions


Abbeville is a medium-sized town with 25,000 inhabitants 25 km from the castle and has an 18-hole golf course. See for more golf courses.

Fishing at Long and Étoille

There are beautiful fishing lakes about 15 kilometres from the castle at Long and Étoille. Please arrange a fishing permit in advance. Moreover, the rivers Canche and Authie are fine fishing spots.

In the castle you will find information about several hiking trails. Some of them leaving directly from the castle. There is a European walking route that runs through the village (Gr. 125). Walking through various landscapes, you can see many kinds of birds (owls, buzzards, falcons, etc) and animals (deer, foxes, weasels and maybe even a wild boar).

Beach sailing races
There are traditional beach sailing races at the sandy beaches of Le Touquet (char a voile). Simon Stevin designed the first vehicle to race as fast as possible on the beach as far back as the sixteenth century. The wide sandy beaches of Le Touquet and Berck-plage makes this place ideal for sail racing.

This part of France is very suitable for cycling, however make sure your bicycle has gears, because the climbs are short, nevertheless sometimes extreme.